How the hell did life begin on Earth? PART 1

How did life begin on Earth?

Well , don't know actually from where to begin , but the fact our planet has atmosphere (still) keeps the life on it.Without atmosphere we could been hit by any kind of big ice or rock objects and we could have the same surface as Mars has.

Why theres no visible life on Mars ? Guess theres always been , is and there will be life , but we cannot see it. There are many theories about the origin of life and exactly those ice and rock objects bringing some different part of micro life objects so face the facts :

1. Biological origin of life - just mixture of many life cells. In other words - accidental origin.

Let's talk about this.

Or let's say we made from mutilated lizards came from the proto-sea?

We call it Evolution.


There is something is out of place , one artificial object couldn't be made by evolution - the Human Brain.

We - the human changed that planet , the science develops so quick. And we use just a few per cents of our brain. The Brain is a gift from somewhere else , from someone else - this is what i am thinking with MY BRAIN.

Ok , so there is (then) more logical origin of life?

I think yes , what we need to keep eyes on is the new findings in archeology and astronomy.The Ancient Egyptians knew something , but unfortunatelly , it Alexandria Library wasn't suitable for some jewish people , they burnt that library , we lost all the documents , and finally they rewrote the history with THE BIBLE.

So , is there a GOD then ?

Oh yes , it was something like GOD, but they were many , plural , and guess our planet was laboratory.