Massacre - the band

Massacre - if you just wondering what does death metal means please listen to these songs.This is the most beautiful and excellent , marvelous and fantastic death metal you wanted to listen to. So young metal heads , this is the band. Massacre were formed in 1983 by Bill Andrews and soon joined by Kam Lee and Rick Rozz. They disbanded and re-united again several times. After one disbandment, Rick, Terry and Bill joined Death. The band released their debut album From Beyond in 1991 followed by an EP a year later (featuring Cronos of Venom). After which the band split up again. Rozz reformed the band in 1993 and released a new album Promise in 1996. Lee stated this in an interview, "However while in the studio i realized that this material was shit and so during the post production i quit and walked out! This was recorded in 1994, but it took Rick and Earache two more years to finish it because i quit! Do not let them fool you... all the vocals on this album are not me!! I never finished all the vocal tracks!" Promise was very badly received. This led to the group's permanent disbanding shortly after the release. Massacre will now be reforming for 23 European shows in October/November of this year with Denial Fiend opening. This version of Massacre will include 3/5 of the "Inhuman Condition" line-up. Kam Lee, Terry Butler and Steve Swanson with Curt Beeson and Sam Williams filling in on drums and guitar."This is not a permanent Massacre reformation. But rather a way to try and make up to the fans and promoters for us having to cancel these dates in May."states Williams. The tour will be know as the "Massacre Re-Animated". Massacre played their final show at the 2008 Wacken Festival. -Wikipedia-

Dawn of Eternity Winter ice - terminal frost Closing eyes of equinox Dimensional change - darkening skies The sphere is shackled till dusk Prophet dreams - ride the winds As black holes open for devouring Universal chaos in the realm of time Surface of earth - covered in rime From beyond enter the horror Of a dark and hideous nature The fall of man is now at hand Awakened from an ancient slumber The immortal ones return The earth is theirs ones again Stricken, cursed - frozen damnation Man's fall to perpetual domination Time trapped in between stages Frigid return to the chamber of ages (my favorite song by the way) From Beyond Emerging from the shadows Comes the scourge of annihilation Crossing the spheres of reality To bring forth consternation [Chorus:] Horror beyond description Unnatural bizarre fear Altered and disfigured A strange macabre terror Through the ultra-violet From the bottom of creation Past the cosmic barriers Into this world...From Beyond! Enter the hordes of chaos Out of the realm of obscuration Their conquest has now begun Of all human obliteration [Repeat chorus] Simultaneously they appear Repulsive animated beings In a kaleidoscopic void of light Creatures of inept creations Foreign alien monstrosities Devouring and fusing together Forms of infinite madness Ripping at my mind [Repeat 1st verse, chorus] Symbolic Immortality Within a shrine A sacred seal is hidden The power of infinite life Wisdom of the gods Symbolic Immortality! Ancient rites Secrets not mean to be known The preserver of youth It's a curse of the damned Beyond the walls of sleep Lies the secret to immortality Through the threshold of dreams This truth is revealed Inverted truth False tale of madness Jest of the elders It's all a fools game Symbolic Immortality! Succubus Invoked from the cruptic realms This grotesque spirit calls... Invader of the beds of man To rob the liquid of life! [Chorus:] Harlot of Death - spectre in red Mistress of Lust - the Succubus! Invisible fiend of nocturnal haunts She rapes the will of man... To impregnate her feverous womb With the larvae of the damned! [Repeat chorus] Infused with the human seed The screaming shade fades... Only to return to darkness To birth her morbid child [Repeat chorus] Chamber of Ages Deep within the death chamber Of rancid infectious decay Torrid bodies sent through ages Of roten deteriorating life [Chorus:] Ash To Ash...Dust to dust Life after death Rigor mortis cadaverous remains Cremation into ash Journey beyond eternity Bones disintegrate to dust [Repeat chorus] Agony and pain seems to exist Tortured as maggots infest Torment bodily dismemberment Transmutate into rot!