Sarpsborg Live Gallery, Norway

Sarpsborg Live gallery
The city was founded as Borg by the famous Viking King Olav Haraldsson (Saint Olav) in 1016. Unfortunately most of the old city landed in the river Glomma, after a mudslide in 1702. The city was rebuilt at a safer location but was burnt down to the ground by Swedish invaders in 1567. Half the population evacuated down the river to what is today known as Fredrikstad, about 15 km downstream. Again Borg was rebuilt, and it was recreated as a city in 1839, and separated from Tune as a municipality of its own. The rural municipalities of Tune, Skjeberg and Varteig were merged with the city January 1, 1992. The population is steadily growing, and during the summer of 2005 it reached 50,000.
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