Paititi lost city , Peru

Paititi refers to the legendary lost city said to lie east of the Andes, hidden somewhere within the remote rain forests of southeast Peru, northern Bolivia, and southwest Brazil. In Peru the Paititi legend revolves around the story of the culture-hero Inkarrí, who, after he founded Q'ero and Cuzco, retreated toward the jungles of Pantiacolla, to live out the rest of his days at his refuge city of Paititi. Other variants of the legend see Paititi as an Incan refuge in the border area between Bolivia and Brazil.In 2001 the Italian archaeologist Mario Polia discovered the report of the missionary Andrea Lopez in the archives of the Jesuits in Rome.In the document, which originates from the time around 1600, Lopez describes a large city rich in gold, silver and jewels, located in the middle of the tropical jungle near a waterfall and called Paititi by the natives.Lopez informed the Pope about its discovery. Conspiracy theories maintain that the exact location of Paititi has been kept secret by the Vatican.-Wikipedia-