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Live Gallery of Kazakhstan , Asia

The history of Kazakhstan describes the human past in Eurasia's largest segment of the steppe belt, home and crossroads for numerous human groups throughout history. Human activity in the region began with the extinct Pithecanthropus and Sinanthropus 1 million – 800,000 years ago in the Karatau Mountains, Caspian and Balkhash areas, Neanderthals 140 – 40 thousand years ago in the Karatau Mountains and Central Kazakhstan, and the arrival of the modern Homo sapiens 40 – 12 thousand years ago in Southern, Central, and Eastern Kazakhstan. After the end of the last glacial period, 12.5 – 5 thousand years ago, human settlement spread across the whole of Kazakhstan, eventually leading to the extinction of large animals (mammoth, woolly rhinoceros). The hunter-gatherer communes invented bows and boats, and used domesticated wolves and traps for hunting.